Pony Party- Our Place
Pony Party EXPRESS- Your Place
For a Pony Party at our house you come to our place and have the choice of either a party with only Pony Rides, or Pony Rides and use of our facilities.  Facilities include pool, BBQ, swings,corn hole, campfire pit, and tables and chairs.

Our basic rate - $125.00 - 1st hour.
​$50.00  Each additional hour for use of Facilities.
​ You must book a minimum of two hours per party.
​$25.00 an hour for pony rides with one pony.
​$50.00 an hour for pony rides with 2 Ponies.

Pony rides only - For only Pony Rides (no Facilities) $15.00/hr. for 1-2 children   $50.00/ hr. for 1 pony for three to five children. 
​​Additional children is $5.00 per child.  
​Beginner riding lesson-45 min.-$20 or 3 lessons-$50​

 With Facilities- Price
 One Pony                       
Two Ponies
 4 Hours -$300.00                   4 Hours-$325.00
 3 Hours -$250.00                   3 Hours-$275.00
 2 Hours -$200.00                   2 Hours-$225.00
For Pony Party EXPRESS we bring our pony to you. For this reason, we charge per hour with an additional fee that will cover all travel expenses (depends on how far we have to transport our pony). We will cover grooming, mailings, fuel costs, readying our truck and trailer, advertising, and providing all supplies needed.

Hourly Rates - 1 Hour w/one Pony-  $175.00
                        1 Hour w/two Ponies-$225.00
   Each Additional Hour-
​$50/1 pony - $60/2 ponies - $75/3 ponies

Fuel charge for hauling pony-
*Hauling pony or ponies $25.00 for up to 25 miles one way or 50 miles both ways.
​($1.10 for ea. additional mile over - both ways.)

*A sidewalker/helper is provided for the childrens safety. 
**There will also be a refundable $50 deposit needed to reserve your party. For more information please visit the 'terms' page of our website.
Payment - For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, money orders, Visa, Master Card, and Discover. Please see our Terms page for more information including deposit amount and refund/cancellation requirements.